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Meet the team - Age in Spain Support Service

The Age in Spain Support Service exists to help older people facing more complex problems and offers information, one-to-one support and, where appropriate, help with grant applications. Our aim is to ensure that older people are receiving all the services and support that they are entitled to, to stay living as independent a life as possible here in Spain. The Support Service is co-ordinated by Kayte Locke. Kayte moved to Spain 11 years go from Oxford UK and has spent the last ten years working as a volunteer while raising three children. Her voluntary work has included work in schools, on a malaria vaccine program, and on tuberculosis programs at in an international science foundation, as a photographer for a cultural association and latterly for Age in Spain on the residency helpline. Her background is as a public health specialist who worked for 15 years in the NHS after completing her degree in London. Prior to that, in her 20s, she was a qualified, nurse, district nurse, health visitor and a specialist in tropical health. Kayte says, “I am passionate about working with people and particularly ensuring that people stay well, independent and enjoying their lives to the full.” Kayte gave an example of one recent case that the service helped and which shows how residency in Spain is often combined with other support needs:

¨A good recent example of our work is "Jonny" [name changed] who phoned the Residency Helpline to ask for help as he was the full-time carer for his disabled mother, who had been resident in Spain for 20 years. Jonny needed to start his own residency process due to the changes caused by Brexit (he had previously not seen himself as resident but only his mum´s carer). He was worried as he didn't meet the criteria as he was an informal, unpaid carer with no salary. We discussed his options for residency and at the same time we addressed the issues around his mum. The family are now applying for attendance allowance and getting a full medical review of Jonny´s mother´s needs. During the conversation with Johnny, he told us that his mum had served in the UK Armed Forces and we will be putting an application to the military benevolent charity for a grant to assist the family with his mum´s care. The family will also start the process of application to register his mum as disabled in Spain and is making contact with social services to ensure that she receives the support which she will be entitled to as a Spanish resident. Jonny has now requested all his documentation, opened a bank account and is progressing with his application for residency with confidence on how to meet the criteria.”

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