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Presenting missing documents - Guide

​If during your application process some of your documents are missing or not accepted, the Immigration Office will issue a requerimiento, which is a document stating that you have 10 days to present the missing documents.

You will need to send the requerimiento back with the required documents to the Immigration Office. How do I present the documents?

In order to present those documents, you will need to go to a public registry (Find here an office locator) or send them electronically if you have a Digital Certificate.

Uploading your documents

After accessing the link provided above, you will need to press the option "Acceder al procedimiento", located at the bottom of the page.

After signing in with your digital certificate, you will have to write the "número de expediente" of your application and your NIE number or Passport number on the form.

Then you will see your case and two options below. The one on the left is to see all the missing documents you have already uploaded. To upload your documents, press the option on the right "adjuntar cdocumentación".

You will see on your screen an interface to upload the missing documents for your application. First, you will have to select them from your computer (1), then specify the category and type of document (add a description if necessary), and finally upload it by pressing "adjuntar documento" (2). Repeat this process for each document you need to upload, and to end the process and send the documents press "continuar" (3).

Finally, you will see a page with all the documents attached. To end the process, you will have to click the option "enviar formulario", located at the bottom of the page.

After sending the documents you will be able to download a PDF document or comprobante, stating which additional documents you have sent to the immigration office. This document can be used as a receipt for this process.

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