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Routes to Residency - Age in Spain guide and checklists

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Age in Spain has published a Routes to Residency guide for people looking to protect their rights as full-time residents (rather than those who spend regular time here, for example in a second home).

The guide explains the key steps in the residency process and the different ways you can become legally resident under the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement following the UK´s exit from the European Union.

The guide will help you understand:

  • If you need to apply for residency in Spain

  • If you qualify for residency under the terms of the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement

  • Which route to residency in Spain is appropriate for you

  • The steps to apply for residency

  • Where to go for more information

The main document is supported by the three practical checklists which give more detail about the proof and documentation you need to provide at the first part of the residency process described earlier. The checklists cover:

  • Applying for residency in Spain if you are working (employed or self-employed)

  • Applying for residency in Spain if you are retired or financially self-sufficient

  • Applying for residency as a relative of a UK National who was legally living in Spain before 31 December 2020

Download the Routes to Residency guide and the three checklists below:

Age in Spain Withdrawal Agreement Routes to Residency 02082021
Download PDF • 1.77MB
Residency Checklist 1 - Employed or Self-employed AiS 02082021
Download PDF • 634KB
Residency Checklist 2 - Retired or financially self-sufficient AiS 02082021
Download PDF • 755KB
Residency Checklist 3 - Applying as relative of a UK National AiS 02082021
Download PDF • 729KB

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