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Our wonderful volunteers! 

Read all about the people who help make Age in Spain the vibrant and efficient organisation it is.


See how some of our volunteers are helping out today - and what they get out of it!

Want to help someone change their life for the better?


Wherever you are, you too can help Age in Spain. 


Volunteers are central to everything that we do.  From front line service providers to behind the scenes support, we work together to help thousands of people across Spain every day. 

Celebrating Volunteers

Live video of Graham, John and David from Almería cathedral.

How Covid  led to virtual volunteering to help people in Spain and Indonesia.
Meet Mona from Catalonia
Hear David say why he volunteers with Age in Spain
What has preventing poachers in Africa got to do with pedal power with pensioners in Barcelona.
Meet Kayte. 
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Why do I volunteer? I guess it is in my blood. My grandmother and my mum were huge community women, and my Dad gave his time on the weekends. I volunteered during the Duke of Edinburgh’s scheme, chasing around a lot of very active cub scouts in my village. A year later I went to volunteer in Africa with the then Operation Raleigh (now Raleigh International) working on anti poaching programmes with Black rhinos, and also on health care projects building a local health clinic. When I started nursing I then gave my weekends in conservation projects due to my love of getting out of London and my seeming love of standing in ponds pulling weeds/ counting birds/ cutting back non-native plants in areas of beauty etc. As a nurse and health visitor I was also drawn to helping people and through my life have worked on local projects, volunteered at food banks, participated in food runs with the homeless. It drew me into working to fight inequalities and to work in Public Health.

As my kids grew up, we volunteered at school and in the community. Sorting huge old used pants from good clothes (wearing huge rubber gloves) in preparation for charity second hand sales was one I remember as less fun than other jobs! But I always worked with a great crowd and had a great laugh, and we raised a lot of money for various causes.


Moving to Spain, volunteering has helped me to meet new people and - the biggest plus - improve my language skills! I have volunteered on a research project or two, at the school, and now I volunteer at a local cultural association as a photographer and have now a lovely community around me who love what I do. I really enjoy giving them something back for the support and community they give me. My photos are used in publicity and in huge pictures on the association’s walls.


Volunteering led me to work at Age in Spain, first as a volunteer on the Residency Helpline Project and as a caseworker. I found my skills from my health and social care background made this a great role for me and I was delighted when it led me to getting a job here, becoming first the Support Coordinator and now the Casework Manager. As the role went to part time last year, I have found more time to give to the charity Bici Sensa Edad in the town I now live in Catalunya. (


I love nothing more than getting out of the office and my home, (homeworking and the pandemic has been a lot!) and feeling the sun and wind on my face as I take older people and younger people with disabilities out from residential homes for self-guided spins around our town. I get to speak Spanish and Catalan and meet lovely people on each trip, from both the people who take our rides, their relatives who accompany them and the volunteers who I go with. It is such a rewarding thing to do.

This is why I volunteer!

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