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Residency Support Worker

Canary Islands

Now that the UK has officially left the EU and the transition period is drawing to a close many British people living in Spain are still unsure about how to apply for residency. Many need information and support to be able complete their residency applications so they can continue to live in Spain with their full rights as residents.   


Age in Spain, with support from the British Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has set up a Residency Helpline specifically aimed at British people who live in, or are planning to move to Spain. The Helpline provides accessible information and practical assistance for all by email and telephone, plus extra one to one support, including home visits for people in the Canary islands, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands who cannot complete their applications without extra help. This is especially important for more vulnerable people, who might be older and without family support, who face barriers such as mobility, access to a computer, language or isolation.


The Residency Helpline is run by trained volunteers, called Residency Helpline Assistants, who provide information and support to callers by telephone and email, with the support of professional volunteer coordinators. The Residency Helpline Assistants provide a personalised service, giving the extra time and patience that is required for such a process.  


When we receive an enquiry, sometimes support over the phone or by email may not be enough. For these people we are able to provide home visits in the Canary Islands so that we can assist them with their residency applications. 


This is an ideal role if you can help for two or three hours on a one off basis every now and again, you don't want a regular commitment and you can travel.


Some British people have problems which prevent them from completing the residency application such as language barriers, isolation, lack of confidence, lack of capacity, lack of access to technology, health issues, mobility issues, financial issues or responsibilities of being a carer. 


With the support of our team and resources, you will be helping these British people. You will visit the person in their home and help to make sure that they are prepared and have all the appropriate paperwork, appointments and information to apply for residency here in Spain.


The Residency Support Worker role is not to be a regular friendly visitor to the client to provide regular support. It is limited to the help them prepare for their residency application - in a friendly and efficient way. Sometimes there are further visits, but one visit can be all that is needed. 


You will not usually be accompanying people along to appointments but you will be providing one to one personalised support to make sure they are ready to attend their appointments. 


Residency Home Visitors may be required to: 

  • Provide information about residency processes,

  • Support the Regional Coordinator promoting our services at your local area

  • Assist with the booking of appointments online or over the phone,

  • Assist with completing forms,

  • Assist with identifying correct documentation for the residency process,

  • Assist with printing and photocopying documents,

  • Assist with the payment of administration fee,

  • Assist with other preparation for residency appointments, 

  • Signpost to other services and organisations,

  • Provide feedback to the Regional Coordinator.

What's involved.

Training and support will be provided virtually. This may change after September 2020, in which case some training and support may be provided in person. 


Age in Spain will provide an initial induction including comprehensive online and face to face training to equip volunteers for their role. 


You will be supported by a Regional Coordinator and work as a part of a friendly team of volunteers. You will receive on-going on the job training whilst volunteering. 


Age in Spain provides training on health and safety, including the additional protective measures that need to be taken when visiting someone in their home given the current pandemic situation. We will provide all necessary personal protective equipment and volunteers will not be required to make visits if the current government recommendations change or if they do not feel comfortable doing so. 

Support and training.

The Residency Support Worker is not a regular role,  it entirely depends on the requests for help we receive. You may be asked to make one visit in a month or sometimes more or less.  We will call upon you when we have someone who is in need of extra support. When you do need to make a home visit it can take from around 1 hour to half a day depending on the person's situation. 


We will contact you when we have a case in your area and will advise you of the person's needs and requirements. We agree the work with you according to your availability and proximity to the client. There is no obligation to accept a new case, so the time contribution is completely flexible.


The Residency Helpline will run until March 2021, possibly longer. We are looking for volunteers who can commit to being available for at least 3 months. 


You will also need to be available for 2 hours of self paced online learning and 2 online live training sessions that will last for 2 hours each. The training is user friendly and does not require any specialist knowledge. Dates to be advised.

Time commitment.

All out of pocket expenses such as travel costs, printing/photocopying, meals etc. that are agreed by the Regional Coordinator, will be reimbursed. 



  • Regular access to a telephone/computer with good internet connection

  • Fluent in spoken and written English 

  • Good people/interpersonal skills

  • Articulate with good verbal communication skills

  • The ability to explain information clearly, correctly and concisely

  • Good listening skills

  • Good writing and information processing skills


  • Ability to travel with your own transport or public transport, where possible

  • Ability to work alone without direct supervision

  • Ability to relate to others, build rapport and empathise

  • Able to interpret service users needs

  • Ability to balance supportive approach with professional information providing

  • Ability to work with distressed/emotionally vulnerable service users without becoming personally involved

  • Commitment to equality and diversity principles

  • Be open to regular evaluation and feedback



  • A good level of spoken and written Spanish 

  • Experience of expatriate life in Spain

  • Experience working with or supporting older and vulnerable people

  • Experience in Customer Service role(s)

Your skills and experience.

  • The opportunity to be part of a friendly local team

  • Regular online meetings with your coordinator and colleagues for supervision and support

  • All out of pocket expenses such as travel costs, meals,  printing/photocopying that are agreed by the Regional Coordinator

  • A certificate of service and a testimonial or reference (for job seekers)

  • The chance to really make a difference!

What we offer you.

Ready to apply?

Access the application form here:

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